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Care Management

Knowledgeable. Comprehensive. Professional.

Transitions of care occur  when a patient leaves one care setting (i.e. Hospital, Long-Term Care (LTC), Assisted Living Facility (ALF), Primary Care (PCP) Specialist, etc.) and moves to another.  Ineffective transitions of care are responsible for significant burden and expense to the overall health care system.

Transitional Care Management

Provide interactive, face-to-face and non-face-to-face communications with patient and/or caregiver with the goal of coordinating care.

  • Review Discharge Information

  • Conduct Medication Reconciliation

  • Review and Reinforce Plans for Follow-up

  • Coordinate with other Healthcare Professionals

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Medication Therapy Management

Individual medication therapy management services (face-to-face or non-face-to-face) are provided by a pharmacist which include assessment and interventions if required. 

Services range from:

  • Patient Education

  • Medication Reconciliation

  • Drug Regimen Review

  • Problem Intervention

  • Medication Adherence/Persistence

  • Disease Management

  • Comprehensive Medication Management

Vitamins and pills

Chronic Care Management

In collaboration with the provider, we provide a structured recording of the patient's health information developing a care plan addressing:

  • All Health Issues

  • Access to Care Management Services

  • Management of Care Transitions

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